Create a paw print in Core Drawing

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Here is a walkthrough on how to draw a paw print in Core Drawing. The end result is a UIImage you can place anywhere in your iOS project. Instead of talking through each line I thought it would be easier to understand as one code section with comments. You can use this in a playground and see the image right there.

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2 Comments on “Create a paw print in Core Drawing”

  1. “Playground execution failed: error: No value.” In the middle nav bar window it says “Launching Simulator,” but it doesn’t connect. Perhaps because I’m still using Xcode 8?

    U say, “Instead of talking through each line I thought it would be easier to understand as one code section with comments,” my thought is: gosh, I wish I COULD talk through each line, then I could find online what I need to tweek the few features left to finish my app.

    Are you going to Event Farm meet up Sept 5th? I’d love for you to look at my app. You’d probably know how to put the Journal section from my version 1 to version 2, and I don’t think it would take long,

    1. Hi Rita,
      Yes, it must be an Xcode 8 problem. I am running 9.4.1 right now. You could try and add
      import PlaygroundSupport
      at the top of your code… but this is something that might just work in Xcode 9 sorry.

      Thanks for the suggestion to add more explanation. I will do that on my next example.

      I won’t be around at the next meetup – sorry. I’m still traveling but hope to see you soon.

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