Create a paw print in Core Drawing

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Here is a walkthrough on how to draw a paw print in Core Drawing. The end result is a UIImage you can place anywhere in your iOS project. Instead of talking through each line I thought it would be easier to understand as one code section with comments. You can use this in a playground and see the image right there. … Read More

Dinner? Plate Shaker

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I’m a foodie. Sometimes I don’t know where I want to go for dinner. I created an app that will randomly pick a restaurant for me in the area I’m in.

Apple CEO- “Mother of all A.I.”

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Apple has been quietly working on Automotive AI and recently Tim Cook actually confirmed he’s been working on self-driving cars, electric vehicles and ride sharing. I’m still not sure where all of this is going but I can tell from past experience, as soon as they release whatever they are working on…. I’ll want one. Read more from TechCrunch.

Cool! Snippets in Xcode

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Snippets are a valuable aspect of Xcode that I have not paid much attention to until recently. It’s built right into the IDE and can help you get your work done faster. I have my own tasks and functions that I use on a regular basis. In the past, I used to keep them stored in Google docs and call them up … Read More

Machine Learning Classification

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This is a continuation from my last post about machine learning for social networks. I was working on a test project for a luxury SUV client to help analyze a large data set. I wrote a logistic regression model predicting if given a user’s age and salary, would they buy the SUV. Today I’d like to use the same dataset … Read More

Targeting Social Media using Machine Learning

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I’m working on a test project for a luxury SUV client to help analyze a large data set. Here is a small sample of what I started with. I’m using some common libraries in Python to process the data set. import numpy as np import matplotlib.pyplot as plt import pandas as pd dataset = pd.read_csv(social_media_date.csv) After that I slice, split … Read More

Elegant keyboard animation in swift

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I attend the Learn Swift LA meet up to sharpen my swift skills and hang out with other developers. The topics rotate weekly from beginner to advanced so the group can continue to provide help and ideas to those new to swift and well as having more advanced weeks for seasoned developers. Emil Safier hosted our meeUp. He had a … Read More

My 2nd app now in the store!

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Learning iOS has been such a wonderful journey. I continue to pick up momentum as the concepts and skills stack on each other. The possibilities seem endless. I have to give a shout out to Garric Nahapetian and Swift Coders LA for all the learning and support I received there. Also to Udacity for the excellent developer course they have. Cinematographers can scout … Read More